We have expertise in speech therapy for patients with communication, eating and swallowing problems due to any disability, cognitive impairment, speech and language impairments, and similar issues. We help them to tackle miserable conditions such as
Communication problems
Learning disabilities
Eating, drinking and swallowing difficulty
Voice disorders
Neurological impairment and more
If you are looking for a speech therapist in Lahore for your child or for a patient, contact physioheed, At 0336-7656526
Our speech therapist is qualified and experienced in speech pathology. The therapist will work closely with the child, their parents and guardians and other care givers or nurses who interact with the child on a daily basis.
Benefits of Speech Therapy
A speech therapist can give your child a chance of life changing treatment.
The best thing is that we provide speech therapy services at the comfort of your home.

Physioheed Collaborating with Different Hospitals in Lahore & Islamabad. We Deliver Hospital Quality Health Care.

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